There were some times, some months I thought I was weak, too weak to get a job, to recognize who I am, too weak to make something out of my life. My family was somehow waiting for me to save them, to help them, and I was simply stepping in the same spot. Then he told me how to freelance and everything changed. Imagine hours and hours invested in my own education, searching and researching for jobs, how to acquire skills, how to overcome my own fears, stuff like that. I worked hard. Very hard to get my new smartphone, my first laptop. It was 3 years ago that I did it. My sweet Asus I3 is the one I’m writing from right now. My boyfriend’ I usually joke.

Freelance is a part of my life, a big part of my heart. I met so many amazing people who changed me. They all taught me something and I so damn grateful I can’t even tell. I can only thank them before I go to sleep. I think this is the way God works, he saved me through them. He knows I was so down I even thought giving up everything.

I just want to say that from a small, which is nothing but a big village near a small city, 60 km away the capital, a girl, recent graduate of a complex, useless university got her chance; the first and most important chance of her life. Freelance changed y life forever and offered me a brand new life. A life of which food I want, clothes, I pay some of the bills, I help my parents and I build my dreams every day.

I just want to give big  acknowledgement to all these wonderful people who believed in myself when I didn’t see anything within:

Kumiko Kelly – the woman who first taught me something and due to her payments I got to the sea second time in my life.

Jamie – the man who shipped me a Kindle fire, my first tablet. A great man, great character.

Brian – due to which I bought my laptop. Those crazy work hours really paid off.

Zoe – who taught me non-experience can be easily developed into experience and competence. Thank you! It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Daniel – who hired me for a translation project. The first and the biggest such project I worked on. Then I proved to myself my English knowledge isn’t as bad as I use to think and tell.

Edvard – who taught me to become a Kindle VA and write beautiful reviews.

Sharon – amazing collaboration on content writing.

Aaron – who hired me to edit some chapters of his book and put my name on Acknowledgement page.

Sunny – the most positive client I have and I think of him as my best friend from a foreign country. When I am having a bad day, he’s the SUNshine on my street. Thank you for investing so much in me and  helping me become a better freelancer every day.

Aammton – who helped me write. I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts.

There were so many people. I don’t remember everyone’s name. More than 200 people in 4 years.

Romanian guys:

Cristi, Simona, Adina, Radu, Marius, Andrei, Nicu, Marina, Alex, Edi, Florin – thank you everyone for valuing my work and making me believe in myself.

These are the people I most remember and I can’t than them enough!

I thank you all, guys! You saved me and gave me a reason to live, a reason to love working! I love what I do and I won’t give up for anything in the world!

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